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Idaho Job Shadow Program

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Job Shadowing allows students to spend 3 to 4 hours with a professional working in the student’s career of interest. It is an exciting experience for both students and employers. Students spend part of the day in the workplace “shadowing” an employee, and learning what to expect in the “real world”. Students engage in early career exploration that leads to better-informed career (and post-high school) choices. Employers have the opportunity to present industry trends and career options to potential future employees.

Be a Job Shadow Host on February 3, 2020

Shadowing Engages Students

When shadowing an employee on the job, a student is engaged in the world of work. Understanding the connection between academics and careers motivates students to actively search for meaning and relevance in what they are learning in the classroom. Students also find out what educational background, training and skills are sought after in specific professions.

Help Tomorrow’s Work Force

Our goal for offering Job Shadowing at Los Gatos is to have a diverse list of employers interested in helping prepare our youth for tomorrow’s workforce. We are looking for businesses in the following fields to participate and other organizations from various fields: medical/dental, manufacturing, hospitality, high tech, Internet, banking and finance, education, visual and performing arts institutions, non-profit, government, and other service industries.

Host Expectations

We ask that you host a minimum of 2 students for a few hours or more. Some company hosts provide lunch and use the time to debrief and have casual conversations with the students.

Below Are Some Things to Consider Doing:

  1. Introduce/demonstrate the skills required for success on the job
  2. Show how teamwork plays an important role in the organization
  3. Have employees show students their areas of expertise
  4. Plan for the students to do some or all of the following:
    • Receive a tour of the company/facility
    • Rotate through various departments
    • Work on a special project (market research, user experience study, etc.)
    • Sit-in during a group project/meeting/conference call
    • Observe procedures (orthodontic, x-rays, orthopedic, etc.)

Tips for the Job Shadow Host

1. Be yourself.
2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
3. If anything comes up that interferes with the job shadowing, let the school job shadow administrator know ASAP at
4. Find out some information about your students that will help you provide the best experience (age, grade level, interest in the industry, experience in the academy, etc.).
5. Describe your “typical” day and be prepared to field questions regarding salaries, promotions, educational requirements, etc.
6. Talk about your career path and why you chose to pursue it.
7. Show your job shadows what a typical day in your line of work looks like.
8. Let the students listen in on meetings, interviews, incoming calls, etc.