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Idaho Job Shadow Student Etiquette

How you look, sound and act is vital to the impression you leave behind. Your education will get you into many doors, but your ‘people’ skills will get you the job. Below is a list of things for you to remember when you are meeting individuals in a business environment.

  • Always dress appropriately! Know your audience, what do they wear to work? Look on job shadow web page for details on dress requirements. Many hosts ask for closed toe shoes, no jeans, no shorts, etc. It is always best to be over dressed then under dressed when visiting a company for the first time.
  • Look the host in the eye when they speak to you! It shows respect and interest in what they are saying.
  • NEVER call a host by their first name! These people are in their place of work. Even if you know them personally you do not refer to them as a peer. You should always refer to them as Mr., Mrs., or Miss ______. It shows you respect them and their place at the company/business/court, etc.
  • Speak clearly and enunciate your words. Never use slang or profanity. Knowing how to communicate clearly and effectively is essential to your success.
  • Cell phones should not be used unless you have asked permission and excuse yourself from group to do so. Be respectful and avoid using phones if possible.
  • Know your host’s business and be prepared to ask questions. You will get more out of the shadow experience if you are engaged. It is a potential career for you so speak up and learn while you are there!
  • Be professional in your written communication with host. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation to be sure they are correct. It is your first and possibly last impression you will make with your host make it a good one.
  • Practice good manners at all times! People remember students with good manners. Thank you and please still work!